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Save time and get better sales conditions together with 450+ other renewable energy producers. We solve the problem of finding the best offer, filling out paperwork, and executing transactions.
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We save your time.

That's why we developed a platform that eliminates the need to actively manage Guarantees of Origin.
We manage Guarantees of Origin and conduct transactions by taking many competing offers. If desired, you may set a minimum price for your fresh certificates.
Automatic transfer of Guarantees of Origin through our Elering integration and our invoice generation service cut down on your administrative burden.
Simplified registration of new production equipment in Elering. We are able to collect most of the necessary data directly from your grid contract.

Maximize your earning potential!

  • Frequency: We hold regular sales with fresh produce to achieve the best possible premium.
  • Volumes: We aggregate the sale accross all affiliated producers, which helps to achieve higher sales volumes and makes the offering more attractive to buyers.
  • Network: We collect competitive price quotes from a wide network, both from Estonian and international buyers.
  • Goal: We always sell to the highest bidder.
Become a member!

Things are easier with us.

We do everything we can to make your experience with us as easy as possible. We will be able to independently manage the whole process, and after registration you will only need to occasionally submit invoices:
1. Become a member!
Whether you already have production devices with Guarantees of Origin or are planning to register your first device with the registry, we help you complete the necessary documents with minimal effort.
2. We make sales automatically
After becoming a member, our software-based solution organizes the sales. We handle all necessary asset movements and provide full transparency about the status of your Guarantees of Origin.
3. Generate and submit invoices to us
Every time there is a sale, we notify you by email. Submitting the invoice is just a click away in our system. Our system generates the invoice, and the money is automatically credited to your account after the invoice is submitted.

We value collaboration

Soldera is used by 450+ production sites in Estonia!
Soldera helps Estonian renewable energy producers of all sizes obtain, manage and sell their Guarantees of Origin.
“Soldera has a capable and reliable team to solve a problem that benefits society as a whole through faster reduction of the environmental footprint of the economy. At the same time, ensuring that every small renewable electricity producer has the opportunity to earn extra money through the rapid and bureaucratic sale of Guarantees of Origin for energy.”
Picture of Taavi Veskimägi
Partner at 2C Ventures, former CEO of Elering
“The Soldera team is one of the most professional, dedicated and confident in the climate space. They are doing important work to expand the market and leverage producers.”
Picture of Julia Lipton
Julia Lipton
Awesome People Ventures
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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

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How is the revenue potential calculated in the calculator?
The Soldera Extra Income Calculator aims to provide an estimated overview of the potential additional income Soldera members may receive from the production and sale of Guarantees of Origin. The calculator is based on the following assumptions:

• The user does not yet receive Guarantees of Origin, but is qualified to receive them. Thus, obtaining and selling Guarantees of Origin is a source of additional income.
• In Estonia, 1 kW of solar panels produces an average of about 1 MWh of electricity per year, but this can fluctuate from year to year.
• We have included in the calculator the estimated average annual price for Guarantees of Origin, but the actual price may fluctuate during the year. For more information, see the section “How much are Guarantees of Origin worth?”
• It is assumed that all electricity produced will be sold to the grid. If the point of production is connected, for example, to a private house, then the amount of Guarantees of Origin is affected by consumption.
• The sales revenue quoted in the calculator does not include VAT on the user's side and is before the deduction of fees.

Are you ready to become a member? Click here to join Soldera and start earning extra income automatically.
What are Guarantees of Origin?
In Europe, Guarantees of Origin' or 'GOs' are used to prove the origin of the electricity consumed. Many organizations want to use 100% renewable energy, but it is not possible to channel electrons from the producer to the consumer on the network. Therefore, a separate document is needed that grants confidence in the origin of electricity.
Who gets Guarantees of Origin?
Renewable energy producers are entitled to receive Guarantees of Origin for each megawatt-hour (MWh) sold on the grid. After successful completion of the registration process, Guarantees of Origin will be credited to the manufacturer's account automatically every month. In Estonia, the official issuer of Guarantees of Origin is Elering AS.

In the event that the plant has received investment aid from the State after 15 June 2022 (and the beneficiary has not been determined by way of a reduced bid), an application must be submitted to offset the income from the Guarantees of Origin and the subsidies granted in order to participate in the market for Guarantees of Origin. Once the netting has taken place, the producer begins to receive Guarantees of Origin directly into their account.
What to do with Guarantees of Origin?
Guarantees of Origin can be used to ensure the origin of electricity. Manufacturers have to find buyers for them themselves, because there is no public exchange for this.

Guarantees of Origin must be actively dealt with because they cannot be traded after 12 months and become invalid after 18 months.
How much are Guarantees of Origin worth?
There is no large public liquid market for Guarantees of Origin, and almost all transactions take place through private negotiations. It is therefore difficult to know exactly what value Guarantees of Origin could have at any given point in time. The opacity of the market means that often different people have very different perceptions of what Guarantees of Origin might be worth at the moment.

Historically, the highest selling prices have reached up to €8/MWh, but recently the price has been very volatile. We wrote an article in February about how prices have moved in the international market for Guarantees of Origin on the example of French auctions.

No one can predict prices in advance, so it makes sense to sell as frequently as possible. This will help avoid a situation where Guarantees of Origin remain unsold and expire. We do everything we can to ensure a favorable price for our members.
Is the sale of Guarantees of Origin the same as the sale of electricity?
No, these are different processes. Often, contracts for the sale of electricity do not contain conditions for Guarantees of Origin. Electricity and Guarantees of Origin produced by a production facility are usually traded separately because they are not directly related. The difference is due to the fact that it is not possible to target specific electrons for their intended purpose. Guarantees of Origin exist in parallel on the electricity market to ensure that renewable energy consumption does not exceed actual production.

Soldera does not buy or sell electricity, and our agreements do not place any restrictions on who buys and sells your electricity. We focus solely on Guarantees of Origin, providing you with a simple and automatic way to manage and sell them.
What does Soldera do?
We turn Guarantees of Origin into a passive source of income. We help renewable energy producers of all sizes save their valuable time by automating registration, administration and sales. Once you join us everything works automatically and we try to mix our members as little as possible.
How much does Soldera cost?
We take a commission based on the sales of your Guarantees of Origin. This helps align the interests of all parties to find the best price. The exact fee depends on the total capacity of the member's production facilities at all of their enterprises. The higher the capacity, the lower our fees. Power is based on the power of the inverter.
Total power
Comission fee
Up to 75 kW
From 75 - 175 kW
From 175 - 275 kW
From 275 kW
* For small producers (< 75 kW), the default fee is 30% of the revenue from Guarantees of Origin sold. On special request, we offer the possibility of joining a fixed annual fee of 1 €/kW. This means that if you have a 15kW solar park, our fee is 15€ + KM per year. Any proceeds from the sale of Guarantees of Origin that exceed this amount will go to you. If this option is of interest, we recommend that you contact us. By default, the fee is approximately the same amount as €1/kW, but it guarantees income from Guarantees of Origin regardless of the market conditions of the year.
What are the terms of sale?
You can read more about our trading procedure on our trading procedure page. If you have any further questions about how trades are done, please contact us using the quote bubble in the lower right corner.

Important highlights from the procedure includes the facts that Soldera undertakes to accept quotes from several parties, including from abroad, to record quotes for transparency and to always select the quote with the best conditions for members.
What are the risks?
As long as Elering is not knowingly provided with false information, there are no significant risks involved. Our experience has shown that Elering has always provided an opportunity to refine and correct data when small discrepancies or inaccuracies are found in the data provided.

By using Soldera, there is a theoretical possibility that you could have gotten a better price for your Guarantees of Origin yourself. This should be compared to the time cost of selling and managing independently. Our members generally value their time highly and do not consider this risk to be significant.

The Soldera membership contract lasts for one year and automatically renews every year. In order to withdraw from the contract, it is necessary to notify us two months before the end of the contract period. If Soldera should make changes to the terms of cooperation that reduce the rights of the member or increase the obligations, the member has the right to withdraw from the contract.

Additional income is already waiting

Guarantees of Origin can only be traded for the first 12 months after the moment of production, so it does not make sense to wait long.