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Establishes the procedure for calculating Soldera's fees in sales transactions of Guarantees of Origin.

The Member shall designate one lead member in the Member's account registered on the Soldera Platform, who shall have full rights to use all the functionalities of the Soldera Platform on behalf of the Member. From the moment of conclusion of the Agreement, the lead member shall be the representative of the Member fixed in the Special Conditions of the Agreement. The Managing Member may transfer this role to another natural person by making a corresponding change to the Soldera Platform.

A Managing Member may be common to several Members. The capacities of the Members' production facilities associated with the same lead member are added together to obtain the total capacity (see below). From this, in turn, the Rate of Remuneration for Members related to the same Executive Member shall be derived on the basis of the following table:

Price list

Total power
Up to 75 kW
From 75 - 175 kW
From 175 - 275 kW
From 275 kW
30% *


* For small producers (< 75 kW), the default fee is 30% of the revenue from certificates sold. On special request, we offer the possibility of joining a fixed annual fee of 1 €/kW. This means that if you have a 15kW solar park, our fee is 15€ + KM per year. Any proceeds from the sale of certificates of origin that exceed this amount will go to you. If this option is of interest, we recommend that you contact us. By default, the fee is approximately the same amount as €1/kW, but it guarantees the receipt of income from certificates of origin regardless of the market conditions of the year.

Additional income is already waiting

Guarantees of Origin can only be traded for the first 12 months after the moment of production, so it does not make sense to wait long.